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Asher Law Group is a boutique law firm located in Century City. By narrowing our scope of practice to a limited number of specialized areas, we are able to provide clients with the highest quality representation in related areas of estate planning, trust administration and probate, and business succession planning.

“Estate planning is a process, not an event. Tax laws, asset values, the economy, family circumstances and personal goals are in constant flux. When we work with clients on estate planning, business succession, wealth transfer and related issues, we make it a point to always make ourselves available to our clients and check in periodically to see whether their plans should be adjusted to fit changes in our client’s situation or legal and economic environment. As a result, our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they are taking the right steps to realize the future they desire for themselves and their loved ones.”

– Afshin A. Asher

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Specialist

As a Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization), Mr. Asher performs estate planning for all size estates to conserve and transfer wealth, to preserve businesses, real estate and other assets, and to achieve the lifetime and testamentary goals of each client while minimizing administrative costs and taxes.



Ease the Process!

Probate is not designed to be an employment bill for attorneys. The probate process can be avoided, but most people do not take the time or effort to understand what this process is and how it can be avoided.


Asset Protection Planning

Safeguard your wealth

Developing a successful financial plan to provide for your financial security and for your children’s education requires two key ingredients.

Our Attorneys

Real Specialist

Our Attorneys

Team of Professionals

Estate planning is a process, not an event. Tax laws, asset value, the economy, family circumstances and personal goals are in constant flux.

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Afshin A. Asher


Afshin Andrew Asher is the founder of Asher Law Group, APC. Mr. Asher limits his practice to the related areas of estate planning and administration, probate, estate and gift tax planning, and business succession planning.


Jacquelyn N. Garcia


Jacquelyn N. Garcia focuses her practice on estate planning and administration for individuals and families. Jacquelyn is particularly well-versed in all aspects of settling the affairs of a loved one after their passing.